Corporate Gifting

Corporate Personalized Pottery

Rowe Pottery specializes in taking our handcrafted pottery and customizing it for your business, organization, or special event. We provide the efficiency of a large production studio with the personal touch of a small business. From the very beginning stages, our customer service team will go above and beyond to ensure the final product will exceed expectations. Since our inception, we have worked with numerous businesses, both small and large, in creating a wide variety of pieces for special projects including (but not limited to):

  • Custom Pottery with Business Logos

  • Personalized Pottery for Special Events

  • Commemoratives

  • Corporate Gifts and Employee Recognition

  • Festivals

  • Community Events

  • Special Anniversaries

  • Fundraising Programs (scroll down for more detailed information)

Why Rowe?

  • High-quality pottery handcrafted by our artisans
  • Made in the USA
  • Small minimums
  • Locally-sourced materials
  • Functional pottery
  • All pottery is microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe

Let us help transform your vision into reality. Give us a call at 800.356.7687 or send us an email at for details and pricing information.

Examples of custom made pottery




Fundraising with Rowe Pottery -- Quality Products, Simple, Profitable and Fun!

Being a family-owned business, we wholeheartedly understand the craziness fundraising can be for families with children involved in team sports and activities. We also understand the importance these fundraising seasons can be to help support their passions. The overall goal for any fundraiser is to raise money for your organization or cause in the easiest and most effective way possible.

Rowe Pottery is here to help!

  • No material costs
  • No minimum orders
  • Great customer service to help every step of the way

Advantages to Fundraising with Rowe Pottery

  1. Sell a handcrafted, eco-friendly product - Rowe Pottery is known for it’s high quality custom pottery for almost 50 years.
  2. Unique custom pieces - Each piece will be hand decorated with your custom design or logo. Your customers will only be able to order these unique products through your organization and for a limited time.
  3. Earn 30 percent profit on every product sold - With these returns, your profits will add up in no time!
  4. Our pottery is functional - Your customers can use your product in their everyday lives.
  5. We provide custom selling materials for your organization and each seller’s order is individually packaged making delivery easier on everyone.

Fundraising Program Options

  • School
  • Music and Band
  • Sports Team
  • Cheerleading
  • Dance Team
  • Church Group
  • Non-profit
  • Other Fundraising Ideas!

If you are interested in working with us for your next fundraiser, give us a call at 800.356.7687 or email us at .

Past/Current Fundraising Program Examples


From our hands, to your team.

Here at Rowe Pottery, we have been handcrafting high-quality pottery since 1975 in Cambridge, Wisconsin. We celebrate the handmade process, the materials we use and the people behind the products we create.

Our Artisan-Made Wisconsin Gift Collection make the perfect gift to show your team and clients how much you appreciate them this holiday season. Every product has been specially curated with our goal to partner with other Wisconsin-made businesses. Inside every box, you'll find a functional, handcrafted piece of Rowe Pottery along with Wisconsin-made treats.

Why Rowe Pottery?

  • High-quality pottery handcrafted by our artisans
  • Wisconsin-made
  • Small minimums
  • Locally sourced materials and products
  • Functional pottery
  • All pottery is microwave, oven and dishwasher safe

But First Coffee

Customizable Handcrafted Travel Mug & Coffee

The Game Changer

Customizable Handcrafted Beer Stein, Cheese, Spiced Almonds & Jerky (not shown)

Seasons Greetings

Customizable Handcrafted Rowe Pottery Ornament

Warm Thanks

Handcrafted Thankful Candle Crock in an Apple Harvest scent

Choose your favorite selection! Each option comes in a craft box tied with a holiday ribbon. Gift message can be added.

CUSTOMIZATION AVAILABLE for select pottery pieces! Work with our creative team to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece with your business logo. Our team is here to bring your gift giving vision to life.

Orders due by November 15 for holiday delivery!

Turnaround Times:

  • 2 weeks for standard Gift Boxes
  • 4 weeks for customized Gift Boxes

Give us a call at 800.356.7687 or send us an email at for details and pricing information.