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  1. 2023 Collectible Mother's Day Vase
    2023 Collectible Mother's Day Vase

    Our 2023 Mother's Day vase takes inspiration from vintage finds with its etched detailing and pulled handle.  It is perfectly sized to be a striking accent on it's own but even more beautiful with a few stems of fresh cut flowers.  The hand decorated daffodil pattern is a beautiful reminder of spring and has a special meaning of support and encouragement... what a perfect gift for Mom.  This handthrown historically-inspired vase is hand stamped with our 2023 Mother's Day Stamp.  

    All Rowe Pottery is handcrafted by our artisans in Cambridge, Wisconsin.  From our hands to your home.  

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  2. Limited Edition Simply Rowe 5 Gallon Crock
    Limited Edition Simply Rowe 5 Gallon Crock

    Rowe Pottery's original shapes and classic glazes have been a decor staple in homes since 1975.  Our Simply Rowe Collection was designed to honor our history with timeless design and beauty for generations to come.  This Limited Edition 5 Gallon Crock is a stunning addition to any home, the design replicates a classic crock we have been displaying in our company store for over 20 years.  The strength and talent it takes to throw such a piece is mezmorizing and it is a true work of art.

    Our Simply Rowe five gallon crock is ideal for the porch or fireplace, it is a beautiful focal point in any room.  The classic brush strokes on this piece are elegant, simple and will blend with any classic decor.  A crock is a staple in any decor from traditional to modern and this is a gem for any collector.   

    All Rowe Pottery is handcrafted by our artisans in Cambridge, Wisconsin.  From our hands to your home.

    Each 5 gallon is glazed and fired to order, please allow approximately 4 weeks for delivery.


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  3. Yellowware Kitchen Collection (3 pieces)
    Yellowware Kitchen Collection (3 pieces)

    Functional and beautiful, yellowware was a kitchen staple since the middle of the 18th century in England and Scotland.  Debuting in America before the turn of the 1900s, its popularity for mixing and serving dishes peaked until about 1940.  With its vintage yellow glaze and striking cobalt decoration, these pieces bring joy to the kitchen.  We’re bending the rules a bit, moving our 2022 yellowware collection past serving into practical baking and home décor pieces that will become fast favorites with your family recipes. 

    This exclusive collection includes:  Yellowware Cake Crock, Yellowware Pie Plate, Yellowware Candle Crock in Cinnamon Vanilla.

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  4. Yellowware Cake Crock
    Yellowware Cake Crock

    Crocks were traditional home staples for storage of meats, pickles and dry goods.  Using crocks for baking is a relatively modern take on a traditional form and adding our yellowware finish makes this crock exquisite.  We find that Rowe Pottery is ideal for baking your family favorites because the even heat distribution of stoneware and our interior glazing result in perfect baking and easy cleanup.  Measuring 8 ¾ diameter by 4 ½ tall, the size of this crock is perfect for artisan bread, cornbread and dump cakes.  In our soft vintage yellowware glaze with cobalt blue decoration, you’ll reach for this crock over and over. 

    All Rowe Pottery is dishwasher, microwave and oven safe.  From our hands to your home.

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  5. Yellowware Candle Crock (Cinnamon Vanilla scent)
    Yellowware Candle Crock (Cinnamon Vanilla scent)

    Our yellowware candle gives a little wink to history while fitting into any modern decor.  The vintage yellowware glaze is accented by cobalt decoration.  In cinnamon vanilla scenet, you can expect 70 hours of burn time from our soy wax.  Our candles are handpoured and feature certified clean scents.  When the candle is finished, remove the wick and wash in the dishwasher to enjoy your 1.5 pint crock any way you wish.  

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  6. Vintage Camper Van
    Vintage Camper Van

    Embrace the Good Vibes with our retro Camper Van featuring vintage details.  The Camper Van has been an iconic piece of American Culture since it launched in 1950.  Created with the "free spirits" in mind, our throwback van has an open top design to serve as a functional piece of home decor.  Use as a succulent planter, cutlery caddy for summer picnics or corral your art supplies for easy organization.  It adds a relaxed, whimsical touch to any space in your home.

    Finished in our matte denim glaze this piece coordinates with classic Rowe Pottery pieces or can stand alone as a unique piece.  You'll appreciate the details on each piece including our Rowe Pottery logo stamped on the front panel of the van, the rear license plate "608" representing our WI area code and the artist mark on the driver's side door.  

    The Camper Van measures 10.5" long and has a 7.5" long opening at the top, it stands 4.5" tall.

    All Rowe Pottery is handcrafted by our artisans in Cambridge, Wisconsin.  From our Hands to your Home.

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