Spread the Love Artisan-Made Wisconsin Gift Box

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We are excited to introduce our Spread the Love Box! This is the first box that is part of Rowe's Artisan-Made Wisconsin Gift Boxes. Look out for more Artisan-Made Wisconsin Gift Boxes coming soon!

Our Spread the Love Box is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, engagements, birthdays, weddings or simply a just because gift. Your loved ones are sure to feel extra loved when gifted the Spread the Love Rowe Artisan-Made Wisconsin Gift Box.

Included in the Spread the Love Box:

Rowe Pottery Heart MugThis mug will surely be the first one you grab out of your cupboard each morning. All of our mugs are made from stoneware clay which keeps your favorite cup of brew (or tea!) warmer for longer! The Heart Pattern is a special release for our 45th Anniversary and one we hold dear to our heart.

Sjölinds Wisconsin Butter Chocolate - Sjölinds is a family run business located in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. They have been making little treats since 2006! Their Wisconsin Butter Chocolate is a dark milk chocolate made with clarified butter and is one of their best sellers... and for good reason. It's delicious! www.sjolinds.com

Rusty Dog Potter's Blend Coffee - Rusty Dog is a Coffee Company located in Madison, Wisconsin. You'll adore the medium roasted coffee blend with notes of caramel, nut and lemon zest. This coffee is sure to brighten up your mornings and comes ground. www.rustydogcoffee.com