Candle Crock Subscription- Scents of the Season Collection

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NEW Candle Subscription- Scents of the Season Collection.

Receive a candle crock each quarter at your door step! 

Rowe Pottery Candle Crock Subscription- Enjoy the scents of each season with a hand crafted, hand poured candle crock delivered to your doorstep at the start of the new season. Begin your subscription with our NEW Eucalyptus pattern with a Peppermint Eucalyptus scent to fill your home with calming peppermint and eucalyptus scent and leave you feeling hopeful for Spring! Each season you will be presented with a new crock that embraces the scent of each season.

Your 2nd Crock will ship in April, featuring our Wildflower pattern inspired by our 2020 Mother's Day Vase that can be viewed from any angle! Each crock is completely unique and will be filled with a refreshing cucumber melon scent just in time to kick off your Summer.

Your 3rd Crock will ship in August, featuring an exclusive Ridges Candle Crock in our stunning Dijon glaze. This candle crock will be filled with a delicious Apple Cider Donut scent perfect to spice up your home for fall.

Your 4th Crock will ship out November, and is to be announced but will offer a holiday themed pattern and scent for the upcoming holiday season.

A PERFECT Gift for Mom, Grandma, Co-Worker, Caregiver, Front Line Workers, as a Thank You or Thinking of you gift for a Friend.

How it works:

You will receive your first crock and then each quarter you will receive an additional seasonal crock.

A perfect gift for the candle lover, Rowe Pottery collector and that hard to by for mom or grandma. Your initial shipment will include a subscription card describing the year of seasonal scents.


Handcrafted Rowe Pottery crocks hand poured in small batches

Reuseable Crock- When the candle burns down, remove the metal wicking and clean in dishwasher. Use for pens on your desk, a small succulent planter or to contain clutter on your counters.

100% dye free, soy candle made from US grown soy beans plus we pour every single candle in house! 

Approximately 70 hours of burn time per candle.