2020 Historical Ovoid Jug

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History on the Ovoid Jug

Historically, the jug was valued for its durability and practicality. Jugs to store everything from water and cider to whiskey and gin. Today, they are a testament to the history of salt glaze pottery and can be featured as a signature piece in your home. The ornate floral pattern on this piece highlights the talent of our decorator and pays tribute to the 1900’s. Floral patterns were used extensively as designs on salt glaze pottery.  Floral designs were based on nature but have always taken on the artists personal expression with unique brush strokes.

Due to the handcrafted quality of our pottery, each piece will vary slightly from the other making each one unique. All Rowe Pottery is handcrafted by an artisan in Cambridge, Wisconsin. 

About 2020 Historical Collection

This year as part of our ongoing celebration of 45 years we are looking back on our own history and bringing back beautiful forms that will always remain functional pieces in the everyday home.

Our historical collection has primarily always been created in our Ash Glaze. Our Ash Glaze is an adaptation of pottery fired in the 1800’s in traditional wood burning kilns. When pottery was fired in a wood burning kiln ashes and other debris adhered to the pots giving them rustic coloration and earthy texture. Our pieces today replicate this look and each piece is unique in how the ash glaze presents itself during firing.